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MOLYKOTE 41 bar. 1 Kg

300010178 |

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Grease cartridges

MOLYKOTE Cartridges with "LUBE SHUTTLE" recharge system by simply inserting and screwing it Mineral-based universal type - Multilub Grease with lithium and mineral oil soap with EP additives and c...

K38979700 |

From €21,00

Grease cartridges

MOLYKOTE Cartridges with "LUBE SHUTTLE" recharge system by simply inserting and screwing it High performance soap type for heavy loads - BR2 Plus Grease with lithium soap and mineral oil with EP a...

K38979900 |

From €28,10

Chemical products

Paste for mounting and running in - G-n Plus Solid lubricating paste consisting of a synergistic action combination of solid lubricants Suitable for assembling metals parts such as sliding bearings,...

K39301100 | K39301001 |

From €33,90

Chemical products

Paste with white solids for extreme pressure - DX White greasy paste with solid lubricants for assembling and long-lasting lubrication of metal components For sliding surfaces and friction points su...

K39302000 | K39302001 |

From €19,00

Chemical products

Soft white paste - TP-42 Greasy, light and soft paste with solid lubricants, for metal parts subject to wear Suitable for sliding surfaces subject to heavy loads, to water impact and to emulsions fo...

K39303000 |

From €126,00

Chemical products

Mineral paste for surfaces subject to heavy loads - G-Rapid Plus Paste with solid lubricants with very low friction coefficient Suitable for assembling and running in metal components, such as threa...

K39304000 |

From €49,10


Mineral oil-based universal grease - Multilub Grease for medium to high performance for metal parts on metal, with high speed and medium-high loads Without solid lubricants Suitable for roller bear...

K39305004 | K39305001 |

From €18,80


White lithium grease - LT W2 Lubricating grease for metal parts on metal, with slow to medium-fast movements and average loads Suitable for bearings used in machineries for food, pharmaceutical and ...

K39306001 |

From €63,00


Grease for bearings - BG 20 Grease for high performance for use on metal parts on metal, subject to fast movements and average to heavy loads For clutch disengagement bearings, fan bearings, calende...

K39306500 |

From €293,00


White FDA approved synthetic grease (food grade) - G-4500 High performance grease, combines the benefits of wide operating temperatures and broad compatibility with varied materials With aluminium c...

K39306704 |

From €62,50


Lithium grease MoS2 - BR 2 Plus High performance grease with solid lubricants and EP additives, for metal parts on metal subject to slow to fast movements and average to high loads. Suitable for rol...

K39307100 | K39307001 |

From €13,60

Chemical products

Paste for threading - P-37 Highly pure solid lubricating paste for use on screws and studs Suitable for components of threaded connections in resistant steel or highly heat resistant, for example in...

K39307505 |

From €115,00

Chemical products

Paste for high temperature - HSC Plus Solid lubricating paste without lead or nickel Suitable for metal parts on metal, subject to high temperature and friction points that, especially in case of th...

K39308100 | K39308001 |

From €26,80

Chemical products

Paste for screws with constant coefficient of friction - 1000 Paste with solid lubricants and mineral oil (contains no lead or nickel) Suitable for threaded metal fittings subject to high temperatur...

K39309001 | K39309100 |

From €22,50

Chemical products

Copper paste - Cu 7439 Plus Paste made of copper and partially synthetic oil For lubrication points subject to high temperatures and extreme pressures in corrosive environments Suitable for all surf...

K39311000 | K39311001 |

From €18,50