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100 years of history

"ABC Tools, the company that I manage today, has already passed the symbolic goal of the first century of life and the 100° birthday made me particularly proud. It is really a long time and I can't stop thinking with an intense admiration of he who was the architect of all.

The company was established in 1913 by initiative of my grandfather Hermann Amos, entrepreneur and forward-looking man, that had the capacity and intuition to seize the opportunities shown by the productive and cultural “former” context at that time.He identified a precise and well defined commercial philosophy: select and distribute high quality tools in Italy, a country tied up with a decisive industrial growing and expanding economy. Investing in that field showed up to be the right choice.

This intuition allowed Hermann Amos' original idea to develop in time and continue to be since 1913 until today our strength."

Paolo Amos



We are a company made by men with great passion, work with tenacity, determination, will and trust in themselves and in the Company.

Stay close to the client for us doesn't mean only satisfy needs, reduce distance and time: besides the technical knowledge, also availability and courtesy are essential parts of our service. Our commercial personnel are, each day, the demonstration.

For this flexibility is a natural aspect of our character, it allows us to give quick answer and always custom. It's our mission.